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(Is the main thing holding you back – You?)


T ake a look Assess Reassess, Get resources, Examine and set goals, Teamwork, Succeed


Personal Growth and Development

A three day intensive motivational course covering personal growth, development and self evaluation. Changing the way you see yourself and how you appear to others. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Helping to create a whole new you! Subject matter includes:

Self evaluation and development

  • Communication skills
  • Forward planning
  • Affirmations and positive thinking
  • Assertive behaviour
  • Personal success
  • Career development
  • Anger management
  • Taking responsibility

Warning You will never see your life in the same way again!!

Course Aims
Daily Living Skills for Vulnerable Adults
4 ½ Hrs
A comprehensive course covering a wide range of skills vulnerable adults need at integrate into society

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Life Choices
4 Hrs
Covers how to make choices, seeking support and consequences and make change happen

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Anger Management and Stress Management
4 Hrs
Reviewing trigger factors, recognising sign of anger in oneself and learning skills to manage stress and anger Learn control and defection techniques

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Stress Management and Communications
4 Hrs
Acknowledging common causes of stress and learning tools to control anxiety and stress

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Assertiveness and Self Confidence
4 Hrs
Building assertiveness to be able to state a point of view without aggression and seeing the other persons viewpoint

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Sexual Health and Education
4 Hrs
Includes contraception, education and introduction to Sexually Transmitted Infections for young adults and vulnerable people

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Self Confidence Boosting
4 Hrs
Giving people the skills to control anxiety nervousness and make a case assertively and positively

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Healthy Living
4 Hrs
Changing your lifestyle and attitudes to improve your health; including diet, alcohol and exercise.

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Managing Personal Finances
4 Hrs
Introducing budgeting, financial planning and managing household bills

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Looking for Work
4 Hrs
How to search for a job, casting a job net and basic rules for CVs and completing application forms

£445 for a maximum of 15 students

Communication and Counselling Skills
2 Days
Helping develop the skills necessary to support others and help them find their inner strengths

£795 for a maximum of 12 students

All courses are accredited and approved T.A.R.G.E.T.S. Programmes



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