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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you keep your prices so low?

A. By only running courses on clients premises, we avoid the expense of costly; yet only partially used training centres, and central London offices which look impressive but add greatly to costs. All of these savings are passed directly on to the customer.

Q. Other training providers I have used, were able to follow a presentation pack, yet unable to answer any questions from students. How are you different?

A. Despite the variety of courses taught, we only employ trainers with knowledge and expertise in their subject area. We do not issue trainers with training packs and expect them to “bluff” their way through a course.

Q. We have also had trainers who, while knowledgeable have no teaching experience, and could not put their knowledge across, are your staff qualified?

A Due to shortages of qualified and experienced trainers, many providers gladly recruit people with subject experience, with the promise of teacher training at some unspecified date. Our growth has been slow, as we only employ suitably qualified trainers with subject experience.

Q. Why don’t you publish your price list on your website, some other training providers do?

A. We feel our prices are commercially sensitive information; and only offer them to genuine potential customer queries.

Q. What’s the catch, what doesn’t your price list include?

A. There are no hidden extras. Unlike some of our competitors, there are no ‘add-ons’, like registration, training manuals and certification. The price you see is the price you pay. Our prices are genuinely low.

Q. Our staff come from a multicultural background, yet your trainer was sensitive to their needs. In the past we have used providers that have not handled these factors so well. Where does this come from?

A. Our origins as training providers are in East London, which we feel is one of the most ethnically diverse, yet stimulating environments for training and working  in the UK.  All of our staff trained in cultural awareness.

Q. How are we bound to you as our training provider?

A. You are not bound to us in any way. You only book with us if you are totally satisfied with our professionalism and prices on your last course. We never forget you have a choice. We hope you become attached to high quality and low prices

Q. in the past we have had trainers arrive with virtually no equipment and we have had to supply all of the training aids. This causes us problems if we want to run an internal course at the same time.

A. Rest assured, our trainers don’t turn up empty handed asking to borrow equipment. All our trainers arrive fully equipped to train in their subject area.

Q. Many of our staff are key workers and we have difficulty releasing them for training courses, how can you help?

A. As London and South East's most flexible training provider; we are used to running courses to fit in with your operational needs, it is why we are known as the weekend training specialists. We can run courses at times to suit you.



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