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Grievance Procedure

It is understood that on occasion differences can arise usually due to poor communications, or misunderstanding. Usually these can be resolved by a frank and open dialogue, with both parties putting their views across and listening to the others views.

In the first instance both parties (i.e. student and tutor) should discuss the matter in private if possible and try to reach a solution. Either may request the presence of a witness as long as the other party has no objection to this.

If no immediate resolution is possible, the matter may be referred to the tutor's line manager who will allow both parties to present their case separately, and may request additional information from any other person who may have additional information as appropriate. The manager may ask for the parties to put their case in writing.

An initial response will be made within three working days to both parties following the receipt of all requested information. (Please note that allowances will be made for holidays or sickness of either party or any other person supplying information.)

A formal meeting of all interested parties will be scheduled as soon as possible, ideally within seven working days of receipt of all requested information by management, (again allowing time for sickness and holidays of interested parties and other persons supplying information). Contact may be made during this period for further information and clarification of received information.

If no resolution is achieved, then the matter is referred to senior management who will at first ask the line manager to report their findings. Either party may choose to discuss their views on the grievance with the senior manager.

If there is still no resolution, the matter may be referred on to an outside agency who will arbitrate to try and reach resolution.

NACTO, one of our regulatory bodies agrees to act as an arbitrary consultant on this.

This grievance procedure does not apply to outcomes of assessment or examination; these may be subject to outside bodies. These may be contacted directly by the student or through Athena Training UK , either via tutor or by contacting the office.

NACTO Approved   Awarded 2006        

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