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Course Hours Course Aims Group
First Aid - New for 2010 18 Hours (3 days)

Achieve a recognised HSE approved First Aid at Work certificate to meet your Health and Safety requirements

Additional specialist one day work related first aid supplied on request prices on application

Minimum group fee applies for up to

6 students

Additional student fee applies

First Aid at Work Re Qualification 12 Hours (2 days)

Renew an existing First Aid at Work Certificate Production of a valid First Aid at Work Certificate required

Minimum group fee applies for up to 6 students
Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Certificate 6 Hours (1 day) Achieve an EFAW Certificate to meet HSE requirements Maximum of 12 students
Managing Challenging Behaviour 6 Hours ( 1 Day) Raise awareness of the risks in the workplace and provide skills to divert agression and recognise escalation Maximum of 15 students
Certificate in Health & Safety 6 Hours ( 1 Day )

Covers: legislation, accident reporting, hazard recognition; introduction to Risk Assessment, COSHH, Moving and Handling, and Basic Fire Safety

Meets your duty of care – and meets your budget
Maximum of 15 students
Certifiate in Food Safety 6 Hours ( 1 Day ) Food Standards Agency resourced; covering basic priinciples in food hygeine; including cooking and food storage temperatures, cleaning and cross contamination. A must for all food handlers Maximum of 15 students
Staff Evaluation 3 Hours Assessing staff performance and their training and developmental needs Maximum of 15 students
Project Management 6 Hours ( 1 Day ) Taking charge and leading, developing an idea into a workable solution, motivation and team management Maximum of 15 students
Interview Skills 4 Hours Skills necessary to assess potential employees and screen candidates within the context of employment legislation and access for all Maximum of 15 students
Train the Trainer 24 Hours ( 4 Days ) A budget concious course covering a wide range of skills necessary to run in house training courses and preparation for higher training. Includes icebreakers lesson planning, learning styles, teaching methods and means of assessment

Minimum group fee applies for up to 6 students

Additional students priced extra

Statutory Fire Training 2 Hours

Raise awareness of cause of fire, fire prevention, means of escape and risk awareness

Meets your statutory obligations

Maximum of 15 students
Fire Warden 5 Hours

In addition to Statutory fire training; usage of fire extinguishers, recognising fire hazards and promoting Fire Safety in the workplace

Fire kills and destroys businesses
Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness

*See below

Don't fall foul of the Law!

3 Hours

Covers common problems faced by disabled persons in the workplace and gives your staff tools and knowledge to support disabled people and help meet your obligations under

The Equality Act

Maximum of 15 students
Management of Chronic Conditions and Emergency Aid 4 Hours Awareness of common chronic conditions and emergency management of asthma, angina, heart attack, diabetes, epilepsy and sickle cell Maximum of 15 students
Introduction to Communication Skills 3 Hours Introduction to communication skills developing  verbal skills including paralanguage, active listening and counseling skills. recognising non verbal communications, including body language and presentation Maximum of 15 Students
Communications Workshop 6 Hours Covers in greater depth communication skills including: verbal skills in paralanguage, curtural awareness; active listening Non verbal communications, including body language and presentation Maximum of 15 students

Equality and Diversity

*See below

Don't fall foul of the Law!
4 Hours

Covers legislation and Protected Characteristics. diversity, prejudice, cultural awareness, stereotypes, harassment and 3 rd party discrimination to meet your statutory obligations and your duties under

The Equality Act
Maximum of 15 students
Manual Handling Back Safety Awareness 4 Hours

Covering back safety awareness; the risks of manual handling, training & practical assessment

Save money in sickness & insurance claims
Maximum 12 students
Customer Awareness 3 Hours

Introduction to internal and external customers. Customer relationships and problem solving. Communications and the angry customer

Maximum of 15 students

Customer Focussed Working 6 Hours A more in depth look at the needs of the customer, equipping your staff to commit totally to the customer protecting your business Maximum of 15 students

AED Automated External Defibrillator

4 Hours

Revise resuscitation and the recovery position and learn how to use a common model of AED designed for use by the public

Maximum of 12 students



3 Hours Annual Requalification in the use of AED model defibrillators and review CPR and Recovery Position

Maximum of 12 students

 Please note, our prices are inclusive with NO hidden extras and are available on application

NB beware of comparable courses with seemingly low prices that do not include extra costs such as Certification, Registration and Training Manuals.


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